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The success of your organisation depends on making the right decisions. Reliable market and marketing information is essential for this. It helps you in the daily course of business, the timely identification of trends and the determination of your market potential. Good market information is the basis for planning, controlling and inspiring.

However, collecting market and marketing information takes time, capacity and knowledge. This also applies to the interpretation and practical presentation of the information. You prefer to have a reliable partner who takes care of this for you. A professional but friendly supplier of strategic information that responds flexibly to your information needs.

BuildInfoConsult is this supplier for the construction, installation and real estate sector. By making use of BuildInfoConsult you save time and gain in-house capacity and knowledge. BuildInfoConsult has been a reliable partner for many companies in the construction, installation and real estate market for many years. Our extensive portfolio of products and services ensures that all your information needs are met. Our goal is to work with you to create a smarter and more customer-oriented construction chain. We believe that making well-considered choices based on reliable market and marketing information plays a key role in this.

Together with the BauInfoConsult in Germany, BuildInfoConsult forms the international part of  the  larger enterprise in the Netherlands: BouwKennis B.V. and USP Marketing  Consultancy.

Marketing & Support

Boudewijn Goedhart
Carola Heijden
Frans Klaver
Financieel Manager
Shirrin Vonk
Graphic Designer

Market Information Specialists

Maurice van Dijk
Managing Information Advisor
Jacco Ridderhof
Senior adviseur
Janneke Filius
Market Information Specialist
Daan Koekebacker
Market Information Specialist

Editioral staff Germany

Alexander Faust
Christian Packwitz
Toni Vukašinović
Junior Data Specialist
Mare Juričev Barbin
Junior Data Analyst

Market Information Specialist Germany

Margareta Kocijančić