Privacy statement
BuildInfoConsult as part of BouwKennis BV is convinced that the protection of the privacy of its customers and visitors to its websites is essential to its activities. Personal details of customers and visitors are therefore treated and secured with the greatest possible care. The website of BuildInfoConsult uses a reliable SSL Certificate to ensure that your personal information does not fall into the wrong hands.

What data does BuidlInfoConsult collect?
We do not pass on your personal information to third parties for commercial purposes. In order to be able to answer a contact request, offer or download correctly, we do need at least the following information from you:

First name and surname, we would like to speak to you personally.
Address information, we send our reports by post.
Telephone number, for a contact request or quotation, it is useful to be able to act quickly. We therefore prefer to call rather than mail.
E-mail address, you will receive an e-mail about your contact request or download. We will only email you if you have left your details with us and have given us permission to process them.

General visiting data
On the website of BuildInfoConsult, general visiting data are kept up to date. The purpose of this is to optimise the layout of the website and to improve the website visitor’s experience. In order to gain insight into these general visit data, BuildInfoConsult uses Google Analytics cookies. To ensure your privacy, we have masked the last octet of the IP address, disabled the ‘data sharing’ function and do not use other Google Analytics services such as AdWords or Optimize in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.

In order to better understand the needs and wishes of our website visitors and to be able to optimise their experience, BuildInfoConsult also uses Hotjar. This technology uses cookies to collect data about the behaviour of website visitors. Hotjar stores this information in pseudonymised user profiles. Neither Hotjar nor BuildInfoConsult will ever use this information to identify individual website visitors. For further details, please refer to Hotjar’s privacy statement via this link.

Use of Cookies by BuildInfoConsult
Cookies are small pieces of information (files) that a website leaves on your computer. The website instructs the web browser you use to view websites (e.g. Google Chrome) to store these cookies on your computer. There are two types of cookies. Session cookies are removed from your computer as soon as you close the web browser. Persistent cookies remain on your computer even after you close the web browser.

BuildInfoConsult BV uses cookies to make navigating the website easier, to be able to analyse the use of the website and to be able to optimise the website.

Viewing, adjusting or deleting data
Would you like to have a look at your personal data? Or would you like to change or remove your data from our system? No problem. You can call us: +3110 206 69 96, or send an email to

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