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Belgium in Focus

The Belgian construction column is a very interesting and promising market for many parties, but also a difficult market to map out thoroughly. Are you already active in this market or would you like to enter it? Then the Belgium in focus report is an ideal report for you! The report offers the perfect analysis of the most important trends and developments in the Belgian residential and non-residential construction market.

Belgium in Focus puts the Belgian market in perspective of current economic developments, demographic trends and the most important policy developments. Moreover, the report provides a unique analysis of the Belgian market based on extensive desk research and a survey of Belgian consumers. Based on all this information, BuildInfoConcult provides an in-depth vision of the changing market conditions in the Belgian construction and real estate market and insight into the opportunities and (im)possibilities it offers.

With this report you will know 

  • Construction of the Belgian building park (in the Netherlands this is referred to as ‘building stock’)
  • Key developments in the economy
  • Comprehensive analysis of the policy on the housing market and sustainability
  • Impact of demographic changes on the housing market
  • Key trends in removals, housing needs and job behaviour

Note: This is report is in Dutch not in English

Belgium in Focus€ 1.500March 2022
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