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BouwKennis Annual Report 2022-2023

Being aware of trends and developments in the construction column is indispensable for making strategic plans for your organisation. Figures on construction volume, turnover development of the construction column and an external analysis cannot be missed either. The BouwKennis Annual Report offers a complete overview of current affairs and therefore functions perfectly as an underlay for your business plan or marketing plan.

Substantiating your plans in figures takes up a lot of time and capacity. Because you can copy the information from the BouwKennis Jaarrapport one-to-one, you save a lot of time. Many of our clients see this report as the blueprint for making strategic plans.

The 2022-2023 edition is the 18th in the series and includes the following information:

  • Production and forecast figures for residential and non-residential construction through 2024
  • External analysis of construction using the DESTEP method.
  • Market segments and clients: from which segments and with which clients do the parties in the construction column achieve their turnover? And what are the most important types of clients?
  • Business performance: essential data throughout the construction chain on turnover development, (personnel) capacity, prices, hourly rates and order portfolios
  • Purchasing and Logistics: How do exporting companies procure and what services do they desire in the process? In what way do manufacturers and trades deliver their products? What do the logistics look like in broad terms?
  • Strategic positioning in the construction industry: is analyzed using Treacy and Wiersema’s theory, classifying respondents into the groups of operational excellence, customer intimacy and product leadership.
  • Marketing policies at suppliers: How do manufacturers and dealers try to reach the construction industry? What activities do they spend their marketing budgets on? What are important KPIs for suppliers? What communication channels do they deploy?
  • Digitization and technology in construction: How far along are companies in the construction column when it comes to the application of the most important key technologies that are currently changing the economy? Think for example of Big data, robotization, 3D printing, BIM, Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, digital twins or blockchain.

Note: This report is in Dutch and not in English