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BuildInfoConsult Basic Belgium

BuildInfoConsult is the information provider for the construction, real estate and installation sectors. BuildInfoConsult follows all relevant sources from the market and also conducts its own research on a regular basis. This means you have relevant and up-to-date market information at your disposal without having to invest in your own research. We are now also doing this for the Belgian market.

More than a thousand organisations have now discovered the convenience and the unique market information of BuildInfoConsult. They use this market information as the basis for their strategy and policy.

Because not all companies have the same information needs, BuildInfoConsult has different products. Always with the same goal: offering information you can build on. BuildInfoConsult leads the way when it comes to technology, ease of use, completeness and relevance.

Because business is also done outside the Dutch borders, BuildInfoConsult has developed a Basic Subscription for the Belgian market. All the need-to-know information has been combined to keep you up to date and to offer you insight into your market: BouwKennis Basis België. BouwKennis Basis België is the product range that gives you access to reliable, up-to-date and relevant market and marketing information at all times.

BuildInfoConsult Basic Belgium includes the following products and services:

  • Belgium in Beeld (yearly)
  • Management summary (monthly)
  • BuildInfoConsult KwartaalVisie (quarterly)
  • Vision documents for new residential and non-residential buildings (quarterly)
  • BouwKennisData (24/7 access)


€ 2.750

Note: All information is in Dutch not in English