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Construction production in detail – short term

The world has been completely under the spell of Corona in the first half of 2020. A second Corona wave is also a realistic scenario in the second half of the year. As a result, the Dutch economy contracted by a record amount and the construction sector is also experiencing major consequences of this crisis. This makes it all the more important now to have a complete and detailed insight into the developments in the market.

BouwKennis offers you this insight with the report ‘Bouwproductie in detail – de korte termijn’ (Construction production in detail – the short term), which provides the most detailed analysis of both residential and non-residential construction. As a result, you know exactly where the shifts and opportunities lie in the market. The report is divided into a housing construction module and a non-residential construction module. For each module, an overall picture of the new building is sketched out, where, among other things, the basic data of new building projects are discussed in detail.

The research consists of several parts: a hard copy and a Power BI version in our new portal BouwKennisData. This allows you to do even more with our data yourself, for example: compile a detailed picture of the developments within the segment or region in which you are active. The comparison is also made with previous years. The interpretation and explanation of developments and trends will take place as much as possible in hard copy.

Corona attachment

The corona crisis has left deep scars in the Dutch economy. How does the construction sector react to this? How does it affect the forecasts for housing and non-residential new-build? With this unique Corona appendix, you will have the knowledge to determine where opportunities lie, where threats are posed and how best to respond to the consequences of this crisis.

With this report you will know, among other things

  • The main policy changes per sector and their impact on construction production
  • How many permits have been granted per building type
  • The new-build production up to 2022 of both residential and non-residential construction and Corona’s influence on it

Note: This report is in Dutch not in English

Construction production in detail - the short term€ 1.500September 2021