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European Electrical Installation Monitor

We have been monitoring the electrical installation market in seven different countries since 2016. USP Marketing Consultancy gained much experience in conducting interviews among electrical installers because of dedicated researches for large international manufacturers. Over time, USP Marketing Consultancy noticed the demand for a monitor that provides key insights in the electrical installation market. 

The electrical installation market is an important market to follow closely

The trends at play in the construction sector in general also apply to the installation sector. Suppliers in the electrical installation market are strongly focused on innovation and create products which make these new standards achievable. But how do these electrical installers apply these products? And what consequences do the trends have for the work process and the role of the electrical installer?

The results of the European Electrical Installation Monitor are reported quarterly. This will provide you key insights in the order portfolio of the electrical installer, market developments, and the activities the electrical installer is involved in. Each quarter this monitor focuses on a particular theme. These themes vary from media orientation, purchase channels and many more.

Themes 2021

€ 4.000 Single report for 7 countries, € 14,000 Annual subscription for 4 reports/ 7 countries/ 3 exclusive questions

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