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European Home Improvement Monitor

USP Marketing Consultancy has been running the quarterly European Home Improvement Monitor since 2013. For this monitor, we annually interview 26,400 consumers in eleven different countries. This produces a good picture of the D.I.Y. jobs volume and of what is being spent by consumers on products in D.I.Y. shops and online.In addition to insight into the volumes, this quarterly monitor also provides a clear overview of the products purchased by the consumer and 22 different product categories have been formulated to this end. 

The influence of the consumer on the home improvement market

This market information is essential for manufacturers and suppliers to know which ‘journey’ the consumer takes before he buys the product. But Europe’s aging population also plays a role. Increasingly, older people want jobs to be done for them instead of doing it themselves. This shift from do-it-yourself to do-it-for-me can also influence the choices made in relation to products and the place of purchase. And what consequences does this then have for the manufacturers and retailers in the D.I.Y. market?

Themes 2021

Q1: Sustainability –Needs & requirements
Q2: Purchase Channels – Impact of online orientation
Q3: Brand health – private labels versus name brands
Q4: DIY vs DIFM – Home improvement plans and expectations for next year

Important features in this report:

The report is based on online interviews with consumers
The report provides insight into 11 countries, 1 category for € 3.000,-.