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European Trendreport

The European Trendreport is part of the BuildInfoConsult International subscription but is also be bought as a individual report. By means of extensive desk research, the most important trends in the field of economic developments, construction, housing and real estate markets are mapped out. All 27 members of the European Union are highlighted in this report from different perspectives. For each country, the report examines the construction trends taking place in that specific country, but also looks at the similarities between countries, including in terms of economy and policy.

This report mainly highlights the qualitative side of the available data to get a good feeling and knowledge of the developments in a particular country. For this reason, this report is useful as a guide when using the other products of the International subscription, it’s a good addition to the data displayed in the European Management summary and European Material Flow Dashboard but also it can be used as a report on it’s own.

The structure of the report is as follows:

1. European Union: (chapter 1)
a. Background of the European Union and its objectives
b. Comparison between the countries that are members of the European Union. Consider differences and similarities in the housing market, construction and economic and demographic developments.

2. Zoom in on characteristics of each member state of the European Union (ch. 2-28) in the field of:
a. Economy and demography
b. Construction sector
c. Housing and building market

The specific information displayed differs per country and depends on the availability of data in a specific country. The following aspects are examined per country:
1. Economy, demographics and politics
o Demographic key figures and forecasts
o Socio-economic data

Economic structure: where does the country earn its money?
o Political objectives regarding the construction and built environment

2. Construction sector
o Structure of the building sector
o Construction volume in recent years, where possible divided by segment
o Sustainability in construction, productivity
o Permit granting

3. Housing and Buildings Market
o Situation on the housing market and development (types of homes, prices, social housing, structure of housing stock)
o Situation on the buildings market and development (structure building market, offices, industry, health, retail)

European Trendreport€ 1.500 for three countries
€ 500 for each additional country
€ 3.500 no maximum number of countries
Full year on request

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