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German Annual analysis: Marketing & Trends

The annual analysis is BauInfoConsult’s comprehensive reference work on current developments in the construction and installation industry in Germany. On the basis of our own market research, forecasting methodology and desk research, trends and developments in the sector are presented in a clear and concise manner. The annual analysis is published in 2 volumes, which can also be ordered separately.

The sub-volume “Bauwirtschaft – Marketing & Trends” presented here deals in detail and based on market data with the influence of trends and developments such as sustainability, accessibility, BIM or AI & Big Data and the consequences of Corona for construction logistics. Marketing trends such as Experience Economy as well as budget, communication and distribution strategies are also put to the test.

The study thus provides you with the central information on trends and marketing in the construction industry quickly and clearly, which you can take directly into account when drawing up your own strategy and marketing planning. In the study you will find…

  • Customer Journey & DMU in private new building
  • Customer Journey & DMU in private modernisation
  • Barrier-free building
  • Trends in construction 2020/2021 & the influence of the corona crisis
  • Building in the future: Innovation trends with potential
  • Marketing and budget in the building materials industry
  • Marketing trends: Experience Economy in construction
  • Marketing classics: promotional gifts
  • Error costs
  • Communication and information behaviour of construction actors
  • Purchasing behaviour in the construction industry
  • Building trend perspectives: climate change and sustainability
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data on the building site
  • BIM use in Germany
  • and much more…

This trend overview is supplemented in the other sub-volume “Construction Industry Indicators and Perspectives” by a systematic, data-based analysis of the German construction and installation industry as well as detailed building construction and sales forecasts. More information here.

Please note that this publication is only available in German, but all graphs, tables and a comprehensive management summary are available in English.

Annual Analysis Germany 2021/2022: Construction Industry - Marketing & Trends€ 500,-August 2021
Annual Analysis Germany 2021/2022: Construction Industry - Key Figures & Perspectives€ 500,-August 2021
Annual analysis Germany 2021/2022: both volumes€ 750,-August 2021