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European Architectural Barometer

The European Architectural Barometer is the longest running monitor of USP Marketing Consultancy, which started in the 2009 crisis — a time when there was a great need for market information and a thorough understanding of construction volumes in the eight main construction industries of Europe (UK, FR, GE, PL, SP, IT, NL, & BE). Each quarter, this survey predicts building volumes for the coming years, in addition to an important trend in construction being examined in depth. The most recent reports can be found via this link.   

USP’s forecast model: always understanding the most up-to-date predictions of European construction volume

Manufacturers occupy a key position in the construction sector. To translate a successful business strategy into results, a thorough understanding of market information is necessary. It is crucial to know which direction the market is moving towards in the medium term. Over the past decade, USP’s forecasting model has built up a reliable track record of predictions with a high degree of accuracy. Compared to other institutes, USP’s forecast has proven to be very close to the realised construction volumes as reported by Eurostat in recent years.


Designed by econometrists, the forecast model is based on 16 different indicators such as: indices on permits granted; consumer, industrial, and construction confidence indicators; employment; GDP; and sales and order book developments of architectural firms.

The influence of architects on the construction sector: adoption of trends in the construction sector

Architects are at the beginning of the construction process. A well-stocked order book means more building volume for the sector in the long term. Additionally, it is also important to know what architects are doing. For example, what are the most important trends, and which (construction) materials are gaining popularity among architects? But the role of the architect now and in the future is also important. What does BIM mean for the architect’s work? Are they dealing with the increase in prefabricated construction? Through which type of media can they best be reached? The trend reports of the European Architectural Barometer provide an answer to future volumes, and these trends that are important to you as a construction marketeer.

More about the research can be found in the video below:

Themes 2022

Q1: Sustainability

Q2: Trends in Material Usage

Q3: Decision Making in the Construction Industry

Q4: Love Brands


The report is available for € 1.750.- for 8 countries/ € 500 for 1 country, € 6.000 Annual subscription 4 reports that covers 8 countries.