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Megatrends in Construction – Germany

Even if the world sometimes turns at breakneck speed, there are trend developments that determine the markets in the long term. This also applies to the construction and installation industry. Therefore, we think it is high time to look at the trends that will shape our industry in the coming years. More specifically, we are looking at the question: What will the construction industry look like in 2030?

On the one hand, we will examine which demographic, economic and technical developments will massively influence or even change construction in the next 10 years. How will these developments affect construction processes in 2030? Do the trends change the roles of the construction actors? How do you ensure that your company will still play a central role in 10 years’ time?

The Megatrends in Construction study sheds light on the main changes and trends up to 2030. The following megatrends are covered in the study:

Construction sector

  • Changes in the DMU
  • Energy transition and sustainability in construction
  • Process and supply chain optimisation
  • Circular value creation and cradle-to-cradle


  • The role of (Big) Data and AI
  • changing logistics
  • customer and information orientation
  • strategic marketing


For this report, a series of in-depth interviews are conducted with a panel of experts. This panel consists of experts from the construction industry (e.g. manufacturers, distributors, contractors, fabricators, specifiers, network managers, lawyers, business researchers, trend watchers and local authorities).

With the mix of construction-related and marketing trends, we create a complete overview for the construction marketer. The study “Megatrends in Construction” not only maps the trends, but also puts them in a historical perspective and thus provides a well-founded picture of future developments.

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