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Megatrends in Construction

The last report ‘Megatrends in de Bouw’ by BouwKennis was 4 years ago. The world has changed a lot in the meantime! We therefore felt it was high time to look at the trends that will shape our sector in the coming years. What will the construction chain look like in 2030? What impact will this have on your role in the chain and how will you ensure that your organisation still matters in 10 years’ time? The report Megatrends in de Bouw from BouwKennis gives you the answers to these essential questions.

  • Megatrends in the report
  • Build
  • Changes in the DMU
  • Energy transition and sustainability
  • Process optimisation and chain cooperation
  • Circularity
  • Marketing
  • The role of (big) data
  • Changing logistics
  • Customer focus
  • Strategic marketing

With this report you know

What demographic, economic and technical developments will shape construction over the next 10 years?
What influence do these developments have on the most important trends in the construction chain?
What impact these nine trends have on the various roles in the construction chain.

Note: This report is in Dutch not in English