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The Garden Trends and Brands Monitor

Why a study of the European garden market?

The residential garden market is changing under the influence of, for example, e-commerce and changing consumer wishes and demands regarding sustainability. There is currently no report available that provides structural insight into the European garden market on the basis of quantitative research. In addition, few reports are available that provide insight at country level. USP has extensive experience in conducting quantitative research in the European garden market and now offers its expertise to create a European multiclient study to provide you with detailed market information and insights into trend developments.

Why is this report need-to-have?

The information in the report can give direction to your R&D.
You have a good and clear insight into current and future trends, allowing you to respond to them
You know who your customers are, as the information is shown by segment


The Garden Trends and Brands Monitor covers thirteen European markets. You can choose the countries of interest to you, to give you the information you really need. In this way we interview your end customer to give you fact-based information about garden characteristics, your branding and current market trends.


What is in the research?

This study covers the most important product groups. If your product group is not yet included, please let us know.



The report gives you a clear insight into your brand position per segment.

The topics

  • Characteristics of European gardens
  • Segmentation – Who is your customer?
  • Products for the garden – Which tools are used?
  • Brand awareness, use and preference
  • Trends: what is happening in the market?
  • Smart garden
  • Sustainable garden
  • City gardening
  • Healthy gardening
  • Outdoor living