European Management Summary


A good overview of market developments – specifically for European countries – is crucial for many parties. Whether this is to monitor figures around their own foreign branches or to discover new promising markets: the European market is constantly changing. The European Management Summary is available for parties that are active in several countries, or want to enter the foreign market. This tool, which can be compiled by BuildInfoConsult itself and used online, is ideally suited for monitoring and comparing trends and developments in various EU countries.

By comparing large datasets and more than thirty indicators, the European Management Summary enables you to make up-to-date and accurate plans about various European construction and housing markets. The information is presented dynamically in an interactive dashboard. In this way, you get a quarterly overview of the current state of affairs in the macro-economic field, insight into developments in the housing market and statistical insight into how the construction sector is developing in various countries.

This report will help you

  • Monitor current and potentially interesting markets
  • Have at your disposal quarterly (or monthly) all key macroeconomic and construction-related key indicators
  • Be aware of the latest cyclical developments and have a quick and simple (numerical) insight into what is going on in different countries.

European Management Summary
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