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For the international market we have developed a information package with all need-to-knowinformation to give you insights in this market. With a subscription you always have access to reliable, up to date en relevent market- and marketing information. The subscription also gives you a financial benefit instead when you buy the products seperate.

  • European Management Summaryprovides a dashboard of key figures on the European economy and construction production per country.
  • Construction Forecasts per countryA report that focusses on the European construction production in a country and the trends that are of the most influence on this market.
  • BuildInfoDataThe online dataportal with essential market information to define the strategy and is always available to all employees via an online portal.
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  • European Material Flow DashboardIn a clear model, BuildInfoConsult presents the international trade flows derived from the Eurostat statistics. This allows you to see for each country where imports at product level come from and where the country exports to. In this way, the European material flows become transparent. If possible, the model can be extended with the national production figures from Prodcom, so that you get a complete picture of production, import and export of different materials types.

  • Germany - BauInfoConsultComplete the subscription with all building information regarding Germany with a BauInfoConsult add-on subscription.
  • The Netherlands - BouwKennisComplete the subscription with all building information regarding the Netherlands with a BouwKennis add-on subscription.
  • Max. 10 accounts
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  • Starting from € 2.500
  • Starting from € 1.850